Xiaomi/Roborock/Rockrobo root password calculator (v1,s4,t4,s5,s6,t6)

This tool will convert the vinda file into the root password of your Xiaomi/Roborock vacuum robot.
You need to extract the contents of the vinda file by SSH (if you have the device already rooted) or need to use the UART method (shown here: Youtube).
While using UART you need to copy the marked string into this form. The string is 16 characters long and likely contains capital letters and symbols.

If you cannot login using this password or if the vinda file does not exists (your robot might be too new), please check here.

Copy the string here:

Technical background: If you dont trust this tool, you can convert the vinda file yourself by XOR'ing every character with "0x37". The resulting string should be all lowercase letters.

Terms of Service:
This service and the images are provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy. I take no responsibility for bricked devices.

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