Dreame/Roborock Nextgen Rooting

If flashing fails, and your robot doesn boot: STOP FLASHING and contact me ASAP.

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Check this Youtube Video to learn how the method works:
DEFCON 31 "Vacuum robot security and privacy - prevent your robot from sucking your data"

You can find the step-by-step howtos here:
How-To (PDF) for Dreame L10s Ultra, D10s Pro, D10s Plus
How-To (PDF) for Roborock S8, S8 Pro Ultra, G10S
Cheatsheet with commands

Phoenixsuit/Livesuit Images (for initial retrieval of config values and version info):
Phoenixsuit Image for Dreame L10s Ultra
Phoenixsuit Image for Dreame D10s Pro, D10s Plus
Phoenixsuit Image for Roborock S8, S8 Pro Ultra, G10S

Terms of Service:
This service and the images are provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy. I take no responsibility for bricked devices.

Privacy Policy:
I do not care about privacy and will try to sell, rent, lease or give away all your information (name, address, email, your pets name, etc.) to any third party (but only if they pay enough). Also I will send you unsolicited email with cute dog puppy pictures.

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