DustBuilder for NEEO Brain

How this works

This tool will generate you a patched firmware which enables you to connect via SSH to your NEEO Brain. For that you can chose to use your existing authorized_keys file or let the tool generate a new keypair for you (sorry, no password login).
After submission of the form you will get a mail with a link to the patched firmware and a "howto install the patch" manual. The building process can take up to 15 minutes.
The latest firmware (0.53.8-20180424-05eb8e2-0201-092014) is used.
Your configuration remains untouched.
The SSH user for the login is "neeo", which has also sudoer privileges.

Why this tool was created

Since 2018 there have been no new firmware updates for the device. It is based on Arch linux and there have been various vulnerabilities over the last 2 years.
The company "Neeo" was bought by Control4 and it is expected that there will be no more firmware updates or additional functionalities anymore. By providing this tool, the users can take control over their own devices and make sure their devices and networks are secure from vulnerabilities that come from outdated software.
The created image requires an original device to function and cannot be used without one. It cannot be used to hack other users.

Your Voucher: (to use this service, a voucher is required. If you have none, use "neeo")

Your Email: (the link to your firmware image will be send there, please do not use web.de/gmx.*. Feel free to use temporary email.)

Your SSH-Public key: (this will be your authorized_keys file of the user root. Must be authorized_key format [no ----- in the file])
Let DustBuilder generate a SSH Keypair for you, it will be sent unencrypted via Email

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Terms of Service:
This service and the images are provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy. I take no responsibility for bricked devices.

Privacy Policy:
I do not care about privacy and will try to sell, rent, lease or give away all your information (name, address, email, your pets name, etc.) to any third party (but only if they pay enough). Also I will send you unsolicited email with cute dog puppy pictures.

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