DustBuilder for Rockrobo S5

Rockrobo S50, S55, S5x, roborock.vacuum.s5, "Gen2", NOT S5Max!

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Your SSH-Public key: (this will be your authorized_keys file for user root. Must be the correct format [no ----- in file])
Let DustBuilder generate a SSH Keypair for you, it will be sent unencrypted via Email

Create diff between original and modified image
Resize Rootfs to 510MByte
Replace Xiaomi adbd with generic adbd (enables shell access via USB)
Do not preinstall any valetudo
Preinstall valetudo newest version
Preinstall valetudo 0.6.1 (old version)
Preinstall valetudo RE 0.10.3 (fork of original valetudo)
Preinstall Nano texteditor, curl, wget, htop, hexdump
Fixresets patch *new May 2020*
Build for manual installation (requires SSH to install)

S5 (ver 2034, 11/2020, stripped-Ubuntu)

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Terms of Service:
This service and the images are provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy. I take no responsibility for bricked devices.

Privacy Policy:
I do not care about privacy and will try to sell, rent, lease or give away all your information (name, address, email, your pets name, etc.) to any third party (but only if they pay enough). Also I will send you unsolicited email with cute dog puppy pictures.

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